Monday, June 9, 2008



In a remote and snowy mountain range, a bus loses control and crashes down the hillside. The survivors, four kids and a nun, collect their belongings and head into the woods to try and survive. Their expedition leads them to an isolated mansion, where a dysfunctional collection of family and work associates have gathered for an awkward mixture of business and relaxation. At the head of this group is a gruff man whom everyone calls Papa Doc, and these hanger-on’s are at the mercy of his short-temper and entrepreneurial wealth.

The children play innocent, even though by this time they already have blood on their hands, and quickly integrate themselves with the adults. While at first showing only childlike behavior, they quickly escalate to a series of twisted mind games and begin exhibiting some very strange characteristics. One of the adults, Rick, begins to suspect the kids are up to no good, and when the groundskeeper is found dead his only conclusion is their unexpected visitors. But Rick is too late in putting the pieces together, and along with the rest of the adults, is soon caught up in the terrible tykes’ vicious game where there are absolutely no morals and the only rule is that the kids will do whatever they need to in order to “have fun.”

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