Sunday, June 15, 2008

ONE MISSED CALL (2003) Movie Review


Yoko has just received a bizarre voice mail… from her own cell phone two days in the future. She can distinctively hear her own voice on the message followed moments later by a bloodcurdling scream. Yoko writes it off as some twisted prank, but two days later while talking with her friend Yumi, who had also listened to the chilling voice mail, the events of that foretelling message play out and Yoko is later found dead from an apparent suicide. Soon more of Yumi’s friends begin to receive similar phone calls, and similarly meet their predestined doom.

As rumors circulate through the teenage population, and a tabloid television show latches onto the phenomenon to make a quick buck, Yumi meets a mysterious young man named Yamashita, whose sister met the same fate as Yumi’s friends. With little to go on, the pair begin a frantic search for clues that could lead to the source behind the calls, and soon focus on the disappearance of a woman from six months ago. But when Yumi receives a soul-crushing voice mail from herself being murdered two days in the future, the young woman knows that she will be next, and nothing will be able to protect her apart from subduing the vengeful spirit that has been plaguing the phone lines.

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