Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Top 5 Horror Movies of 2010 (So Far) - 15 Days till Halloween

Top Horror Films of 2010 (So Far)

Article by Joe Johnson

I personally feel that 2010 has been a somewhat lean period for our beloved horror genre. Maybe I’ve had my head in the sand, but I don’t feel we’ve been treated to the steady drip feed of horrors that we’ve had in pervious years. Although horrors have been few and far between, I think we’ve had some real gems nestling in amongst those pesky Rom-Coms your girlfriend always wants to see. Here are my Top 5 Horrors of the year so far:

piranha 3d movie poster

This film was trashy, throwaway, tongue in cheek, and all the better for it! It never once took itself seriously and for this reason endeared itself to even the most staunch horror critics. Blending colorful, summery imagery and gyrating chicks in bikinis with levels of gore that truly put SAW and HOSTEL to shame, it proved a unique experience that left me mentally drained!

the last exorcism movie poster

Another exorcism film? Really?! It seems every flick that deals with demonic possession is trying to out do the 37-year old daddy of horror, THE EXORCIST. THE LAST EXORCISM is a good effort but falls short of this accolade, mainly for its bizarre and anti-climactic ending that no one really understood!

human centipede first sequence movie poster

An underground classic if ever there was one, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE charts the escapades of a deranged surgeon who captures unwitting guinea pigs for his twisted experiment which consists of sewing people together, orifice-to-orifice. This was not released in mainstream cinemas and with good reason, it was bleak and challenging.

daybreakers movie poster

This turns the classic vamp flick on its head. Set in 2017 it depicts a world where the majority of the population are vampires. The human population is dwindling, meaning the vamps are rapidly running out of blood and a number of scientists are battling to save the human race while pioneering an alternative food source.

shutter island movie poster

One in a long list of silver screen horror hits with a mental-health theme, SHUTTER ISLAND sees DiCaprio visit an asylum where there are some strange goings on. DiCapro faces a struggle to deal with the voices in his own head while fending off crazy people in this thought provoking masterpiece with a killer twist.

What lies in wait for the rest of 2010 that could topple one of these titles? Anything out there you'd would hav rather seen here? Let us know!


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