Sunday, July 15, 2007

LUSTRE Review for is a new online magazine where I'll sporadically be reviewing more artsy and indie-natured films. Stay tuned for my look at FLOURISH and A SCANNER DARKLY. For now my debut exclusive review and a few reposts are currently available.

LUSTRE (2005) After forty years of being a loan shark and collecting gambling debts, Hugo (Victor Argo) has become a worn out shell of human. He spends his days wondering the streets of New York, lamenting about the old days, and how the city is losing its defining characteristics and wondering where all the "real" New Yorkers disappeared to. When he is not collecting, he spends his free time sitting at the bedside of his comatose daughter, a victim of a drug overdose.

When Hugo begins to hear voices in the sky, he at first chalks it up to exhaustion. But when he begins to see things as well - a businessman carrying a cross, the Virgin Mary in his spilled coffee - he fears that he is going insane...
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