Sunday, July 15, 2007

Indie Comic Book Reviews

Looking for some cool independent comics to discover while figuring out which movie to watch next? Check out these recent reviews from those ne'er-do-wells Geeks Of Doom!

Spectrum #1
Pulling from a huge assortment of comic book influences and reality-grounded sci-fi riffs, Spectrum creates a blend that will draw in both superhero fans and enthusiasts of character-based revenge tales.

Xombie: Reanimated #3
It is the year 2052. Humanity has been reduced to a small huddling mass hiding in enclaves with machines that disguise their scent. One of these survivors is Zoe, a girl once thought lost who returns to her camp with a most unlikely protector — a sentient zombie named Dirge.

The Chair #1
An innocent man on death row is about to learn the true meaning of Hell on Earth in this intriguing first issue.

Henry and Butcher #1
Sets up what should turn out to be a hard-boiled mystery, with plenty of face-pounding and arm-breaking violence.

Abigail & Rox One-Shot
This fairy tale story has a great blend of original and familiar characters that appeal to people of all ages.


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