Wednesday, July 30, 2008


FREAKAZOID: Season One (1995)

With Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs under his belt, Steven Spielberg set out complete his trifecta of “Presents” cartoons by executive producing Freakazoid in 1995. With initial concepts by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, and using a hodgepodge of writers and voice actors from some of the best episodes of Animaniacs to flesh out the series, Freakazoid follows the life of Dexter Douglas and his titlular superhero alter-ego. As we learn from the Emmy Nominated theme song, Dexter Douglas is a nerd computer ace who went surfing on the internet and was zapped to cyberspace; he turned into the Freakazoid who is strong and super-quick and drives the villains crazy because he’s a lunatic. And that is about all the background you’ll get and need for this superhero.

Freakazoid is a superhero spoof that fires on all pistons as it lovingly pokes at the genre with incredibly witty dialogue and an inspiring array of supporting characters and villains. In addition, the show is very aware of itself, which works in the favor of its anarchic comedic styling. The show will often cut away to talk about tie-in merchandise that doesn’t really exist or how well a test audience liked a certain segment. And being that the cartoon was produced by Warner Bros, the show gets away with taking digs at DC Comics characters, which Time-Warner owns. Increasingly strange and obscure pop culture references also help to give the show its unique voice. How many kids shows can you name that will reference Ed Wood?

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