Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ROB-B-HOOD Movie and DVD Review

ROB-B-HOOD (2006)

Master thief and compulsive gambler Thongs (Jackie Chan) along with his womanizing criminal partner Octopus (Louis Koo) find themselves smack in the middle of Three Men And A Baby when their boss kidnaps a newborn that will be passed on to the grandfather for a fee of seven million dollars! Thongs and Octopus, who have no experience with babies, must watch over the tyke for a week until the arrangement is all sorted out, during which time the pair have to take a crash course in caring for an infant, avoid the suspicion of the local authorities, and deal with pesky triad debt collectors. But when it is finally time to turn the baby over, will Thongs and Octopus be able to put aside their newfound parenting instincts in return for the big payday?

Under the direction of Benny Chan, who may be best known in the west for his previous collaboration with Jackie on Who Am I and the Gen-X Cops series, Jackie shines through with his usual charismatic self. Though it takes Jackie almost an hour to get into the first fight sequence, it is great to see that the 53-year-old actor can still pull off some incredible aerial feats and go toe-to-toe with martial artists half his age. The choreography, which has been set up by Jackie and his stunt team, is as fluid as always and once again utilizes unique set-ups to their full advantage. Though there are a few wire cheats used to keep the actor safe, Jackie still gets away with a lot more on his home turf than he ever would in an American production, including the avoiding a two car collision and dodging multiple speeding trains on a spiraling rollercoaster. Despite Jackie's desire to become someone known as a great actor, the stuntwork and action sequences seen here are still the number one reason to keep tabs on him.

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