Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Walking Dead TV Episode 1 Review

The Walking Dead Episode 1

Review by Bill Bedlam

So, were you one of the 5.3 million people to tuned-in to the premier of The Walking Dead on AMC? If you weren't (and you should hang your head in shame), you missed out on a historical moment in not only in the history of the zombie genre and comic book adaptions, but television as well!

Now you may say thats a bold statement, but I can back it up with ease.

First of all, any doubt of the show being faithful to its source material can be put to rest. From the opening scene of Rick's grisly encounter with a diminutive zombie, to his shoot-out with crazed gunmen, as well as his first venture into the city on horseback is like watching the comic come to life!

Although I knew exactly what was different from the comic, the changes were all very organic and enhanced story elements, rather than trying to "improve" on them like so many other comic adaptions in the past. Obviously, the creative team knows the old saying, "if it's not broken, don't mess with it".

I sit here now trying to figure-out where to start with this review, but it's almost impossible to pick out just one aspect of awesomeness. Do I begin with the gore and violence that go hand and hand with a zombie apocalypse? How about the spot-on characterization of Rick Grimes and Shane? Maybe I could talk about the brilliant tapestry of the world of The Walking Dead that really makes you think the zombie apocalypse could happen? Or how the terror and tension of just about the entire episode never gives you a moment to breathe? I could go on and on about any one of those for quite some time, but what stood-out to me about the episode most was that you are sucked in immediately, not only because it's a great story, but because you actually find yourself caring for these characters. Just like in the comic, Rick and the others are so very human and you easily relate to them. You sympathize with their struggles both physically and emotionally, while fearing for them with the constant threat of the ravenous undead lurking behind every corner!

This a great start for The Walking Dead. Although I try to avoid reading other reviews before I finish mine, the articles I have seen have been nothing but praise from critics and fans alike. This is a true testament to not only the phenomenal talent behind the show, but to the dedicated effort on AMC's part of marketing the hell out of the show before it's premiere.

AMC is streaming episode one on their site now, and it is also available on Hulu, in case you missed it. But really, you should have no excuse other than being in a coma if you did miss it, so get to that streaming video now so you're ready for episode two this Sunday.

To me, we're looking at a historic moment in zombie genre history! There have been plenty of movies, both good and bad over the years, but Kirkman's The Walking Dead weekly television series may be the greatest thing to happens to zombies since George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!

Well, thats it for this week's review. I'll be back next week with another for episode two!


Alistair said...

I liked the show. I was entertained… Some parts could have been a tad better. Other that that it was good.

Matt said...

the show was awesome! I haven't read the graphic novels but my friends who have said it did it justice. yay for zombies!

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