Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Put Your Co-Workers in the Halloween Spirit - 25 Days till Halloween

5 Ways to Put Co-Workers in the Halloween Spirit (without the Messy Fake Blood)

Article by Jill Tooley

I don’t even try to hide the fact that I live for Halloween. If I could, I would be one of those nut bars who coats the house in fake spiderwebs and spends hours outside setting up an elaborate, gory Halloween scene on the front lawn. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or the cash to celebrate my favorite holiday in the elaborate capacity I desire, so I try to make up for it by oozing enthusiasm wherever I go from the beginning of September until the start of November. Not everyone shares my zealous attitude for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to persuade them anyway. Here’s how you can spread your passion for All Hallows’ Eve like the bubonic plague!

1. Decorate however you can. I may not be able to afford enormous, motorized Halloween statues but I definitely don’t have a shortage of decorations! This year, I strung orange and purple cluster lights around my desk, brought in some gauzy spiderwebs and a few stuffed monsters, broke out the ghost-and-pumpkin garland, and plugged in my favorite light-up jack-o-lanterns for a festive effect that I’m quite proud of. I receive tons of smiles and compliments from all who enter my domain, which makes it more than worth the effort.

2. Bribe ‘em with treats. Surrounded by Halloween scrooges? If you can’t beat them, bribe them! Now’s the time to scour supermarket aisles for the most mouthwatering candy and put a bowl (or a cauldron) full of it where your co-workers can see it. It boosts afternoon energy and reminds them that Halloween is right around the corner; not to mention, it saves them the trouble of stealing kids’ candy from trick-or-treat bags. That’s just embarrassing.

3. Throw a killer party. Nothing screams Halloween like a raging party, and you could be just the one to throw it. For best results, make it a costume-required affair and commission your friends to help with decorations and music so you’re not stuck doing everything for yourself. Your guests will get into the spirit of things if they see everyone else decked out in zombie sores or meat dresses!

4. Have a costume contest. Even those stubborn, ghoul-hating people will participate in a contest if there’s a prize involved! Costumes can be tricky in professional settings, but don’t let that deter you from playing dress-up. When fake oozing wounds and grotesque props aren’t an option, then think of a theme that would allow people to wear costumes while still appearing somewhat work-appropriate (like famous movie characters or good old-fashioned witches and vampires).

5. Host a horror movie night. Instead of going out for a few drinks after work, invite people over to veg out and watch scary movies. You can bond with your co-workers over choice flicks and share the passion for your favorite holiday all in one night! Or, if you’re a Halloween enthusiast who prefers a more hands-on approach to group outings, arrange a company visit to a local haunted house and spend a different evening watching your top horror films.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be super psyched if a fellow employee tried to organize any of these suggestions. Be prepared if you give these techniques a whirl, though, because a few co-workers will probably refuse every invitation you give them. That doesn’t mean that you suck—it only means that some people aren’t willing to participate in Halloween festivities. And that’s just the way the spooky crumbles!

Jill Tooley is a writer and blogger who loves scary movies but would probably die immediately in the event of a zombie apocalypse. She regularly blogs for Quality Logo Products, a promotional products company specializing in stress balls, pens, and trade show giveaways.

25 days till Halloween...


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