Friday, October 8, 2010

Horror Movie Blogger Wanted for Guest Posts - 23 Days till Halloween

The horror community at large is a lively bunch passionate about everything from the macabre and grotesque to the chills and classic thrills. You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy anywhere ready to go toe-to-toe about such topics as whether 28 DAYS LATER is a zombie movie (its not, by the way), which NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is the best (that would be Part 3) or which horror remakes actually need to exist (off the top of my head THE THING, DAWN OF THE DEAD and maybe THE RING).

As a member of said community we want to give those voices a soapbox, and thus Movies at Midnight is officially opening its doors to guest bloggers. What better time than the Halloween season, eh?

If you've ever had the desire to write about the last horror film you saw in the theater or some lost classic you've just discovered, send us a message. We're also looking for reviews of exploitation and grindhouse flicks, sci-fi schlock and kung-fu adventures. If its from the seedier side of cinema, chances are we want a review!

Reach out to Ryan Midnight at to submit a review or an article idea. For the month of October we're looking for Halloween themed articles as well.

23 days till Halloween...


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