Monday, August 16, 2010

Return to Nilbog TROLL 2 is Coming to Blu-Ray

Forget PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, forget ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES, forget STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE, this October one of the most celebrated so-bad-its-beyond-awesome movies of all time is coming to Blu-Ray this October.

That's right I'm talking about TROLL 2, or TROLL II for the Romans reading, a film truly deserving of the "movies at midnight" stamp of approval.

TROLL 2 tells the story of Joshua and his family, take a trip to Nilbog, which unbeknown to them, is the kingdom of the goblins, as told to young Joshua by his deceased grandfather Seth. Now it's up to Joshua, magical time-stopping Grandpa Seth, and a bologna sandwich to save the family from the evil Goblin Queen, who uses everything from magical rocks to an ear of corn to destroy Joshua's family.

TROLL 2 found its way into my heart in the early nineties when it was shown practically every weekend afternoon on WPIX here in the North East. No matter where I came into the movie's running time I was compelled to watch the rest, much like I was for TREMORS, GROUNDHOG DAY and SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER.

And now it will soon be mine to own, and yours too, in glorious high definition forever and ever and ever...


Sadako said...

Never seen it but I know what you mean about being compelled to watch awesomely bad movies. I was the same about Grease. I still kind of am...

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