Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sarongs-a-Plenty in Cinematic Titanic's DANGER ON TIKI ISLAND

There's two things that I am nigh-obsessed with, that being Tiki bars (and all the good potent drinks that come with it) and Joel Hodgson-era Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

These two cultural institutions come crashing together in DANGER ON TIKI ISLAND, the latest Cinematic Titanic release.

Strange things are happening on this remote island in the Pacific, where a Peace Corps volunteer, a researcher and his love-starved lady arrive to find that nearby atomic testing has mutated some of the plants. It that weren't bad enough, a monster terrifies the villagers in its lust for blood. The man-beast must be stopped - but how?

This film was a staple at drive-ins in its day. Now experience it live with Cinematic Titanic.


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