Monday, July 14, 2008

Ready for SCREAM 4 and SEVEN SAMURAI remake? Weinstein Says YES!

Showtime and The Weinstein Company announced that a seven-year plan has been inked for a distribution partnership. This plan will include 95 films that are slated at this time and will go into effect in 2009. This includes Quentin Tarantino's remake of INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and Rob Marshall's NINE, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Nicole Kidman among others.

But what else is on the slate? The full report, which has been posted on, includes a few jaw-dropping titles most of which are book adaptations or film remakes:

- YOUTH IN REVOLT, based on C.D. Payne's best-selling book
- THE ALCHEMIST, based on Paulo Coelho's best-selling novel
- PANIC, based on Jeff Abbott's best-selling book
- SCANNERS, a remake of David Cronenberg's 1981 movie
- PIRAHNA 3-D, Alexandra Aja's continuation of the killer fish series
- 6 BILLION DOLLAR MAN, which brings the 70's television show up to modern day speed.

Perhaps the two that standout most though, are SCREAM 4 and a "modern remake" of SEVEN SAMURAI.

SCREAM 4?! Relaunching this series could undo everything the horror community has for the move part strived to repair over the past five or so years. Do we really need the likes of Neve Campbell back in horror? I guess at least we'd know she'd probably go topless this time around.

And a "modern remake" of SEVEN SAMURAI?! I think I may just have an aneurysm. Now, I'm not completely blind, and I know the film has already been adapted as THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, but this still really gets my blood boiling. A quick jump over to IMDB has some unconfirmed information that this will revolve around team members of a private security firm protecting a village in Thailand. Is it really necessary to have the stigma of attaching Kurosawa's film to it?


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