Saturday, July 26, 2008

MST3K 20th Anniversary DVD Boxset Specs Released!

Shout! Factory has released the final specs for their upcoming box set celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 that will hit DVD players on October 28th.

The set will feature four never-before-released episodes that fans have been clamoring for including:

- First Spaceship to Venus
- Laserblast
- Werewolf
- Future War

Extras includes featurettes covering the entire lifespan of MST3K and interviews with all the key players that made the series the classic it is. The set will also include lobby cards and a Crow T Robot figurine.

Shout! Factory, which now owns the entire run of the show, promises that this is merely the first of many sets that fans will surely go nuts over. Could we be seeing a Godzilla / Giant Monster themed set in the near future?


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