Sunday, July 13, 2008

HALLOWEEN Unrated 3-Disc DVD Set Specs and Cover

If you're a fan of Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN re-imagining, get ready for a deluxe DVD treatment (see cover art above) coming down the pipeline. This three-disc set includes the unrated version of the film (running eleven minutes longer than the theatrical release) as well as a MASSIVE four and a half hour documentary the covers *everything* related to making the film. This set wil also include:

- Audio commentary by writer/director Zombie
- 17 deleted scenes with optional director’s commentary
- Alternate ending with optional commentary
- Bloopers
- Casting sessions
- The Many Masks of Michael Myers featurette
- Re-Imagining HALLOWEEN featurette
- Meet the Cast featurette
- Scout Taylor-Compton screen test

At $24.95 ($34.95 for the Blu-ray version) this is a truly a bargain. The standard DVD version hits shelves on October 7th, while the Blu-ray set slashes the competition on Octber 21st.


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