Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TKO (aka URBAN ASSAULT) Movie Review

TKO (aka URBAN ASSAULT) (2007)

Each year, an unlicensed fight tournament is held in the basement of a criminal syndicate’s high-rise office building. But this year the stakes are higher as Mick and Martin, the two men responsible for finding the fighters and one time rivals in the ring, are forced by their boss to put a personal wage on the match. Each man is to pick a fighter, and the loser must walk away from the organization forever. Martin, a crooked cop with an even more crooked crew, “borrows” a psychotic killer from a local holding cell as his man, while Mick searches high and low through the local rings for someone he can believe in.

Meanwhile, a lone figure has returned from his mountain retreat to once again fight in the ring. Zendo, the self-anointed warrior priest, is out to avenge the death of his brother, and claim back a title that should have been his to begin with. As fight time closes in, so too does Zendo come closer to the truth about his murdered brother. And while Mick is coming to grips with the fact that maybe he’s being played as a heel, Martin has set up a double-cross to ensure his fighter wins the competition!

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