Thursday, April 17, 2008

HITCH-HIKE Movie Review


Boorish and alcoholic Walter (Franco Nero), along with his wife Eve, are on a hunting vacation in the mountains of California. When the pair aren’t arguing, they seem determined at getting the upper hand by making snide comments about each other to anyone who will listen. That all changes when Eve picks up a hitchhiker. Adam (David Hess) seems nice enough at first, but when he lets his true nature shine through, Walter tries to throw him out of the car. It is then that Adam pulls his gun, and lets them in on the truth - he is a murderous bank-robber on the run with two million dollars cash!

Walter and Eve, their vacation now a nightmarish road trip to Hell, must abide by Adam’s demands and threats of assault against Eve. When Adam learns that Walter is a two-bit journalist, he proposes that Walter interview him and write a book about their kidnapping, but notes that in order for the book to sell it is going to need plenty of sex and violence. Adam then proceeds to deliver both in spades, and as Walter and Eve become completely unnerved things take an even more sinister turn when Adam’s two accomplices show up!

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