Monday, March 31, 2008

3/31 NEWS BITES - BANGKOK DANGEROUS (2008) Trailer, PATHOLOGY Trailer, No 4th RE-ANIMATOR, and More

Here is the theatrical trailer for the 2008 remake of BANGKOK DANGEROUS, directed by the Pang Brothers (who created the 1999 original) and starring Nicolas Cage.

- The newest actor to don the hockey mask has been named! Derek Mears, who was the Chameleon in THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 is currently dotting the I's and crossing the T's to make it all official.

- George W. Bush stops the dead from re-animating! According to Stuart Gordon, the reason we won't be seeing HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR is because he "could not find funding for it; I think people are still too afraid of offending the Bush administration. I mean, here’s Re-Animator, which is a very successful franchise, but nobody wanted to do that story. People are definitely afraid. These guys are known for payback. Everyone is just counting the days until they’re out of office." Wait, what?

Trailer for the upcoming PATHOLOGY.

- Enemies of Asian horror remakes get ready be confused. Universal's remake of A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (get the original one *now*) has been retitled to THE UNINVITED. As any well-versed K-horror fan knows, there is a similar ghosty movie already named that. Just remember when Universal's cash-in eventually pops up to point people to the correct source material!

- Speaking of remakes, Platinum Dunes is actually planning something *original* (kind of). They will be teaming up with Paramount to adapt the stageplay "The Butcherhouse Chronicles" for the screen, which focuses on four teens who explore a haunted house and in the process uncover their town's dark secrets.


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