Friday, February 8, 2008

2/8 News Bites - PIRAHNA in 3-D, MALEVOLENCE Prequel Trailer, ZATOICHI Stage Show & More

- Alexandre Aja's remake of PIRAHNA (originally brought to the world courtesy of Joe Dante) will be in fuckin' 3-D! If there is one movie and one director that will bring back the joys of the third dimension, it is definitely this combination!

Theatrical poster for OneChanbara, which hits Japanese theatres in April. Too early to call best foreign film of 2008?

- The HELLRAISER remake is back on track, this time with a release date of January 9th, 2009.

Theatre as it should be! Takashi Miike's stage version of ZATOICHI.

The underrated MALEVOLENCE now has a prequel, MALEVOLENCE: BEREAVEMENT. Check out the trailer!


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