Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ZOMBIE FARM Movie & DVD Review


In the small California town of Muerto Verde, a terrorist plot is underway to contaminate the irrigation system with an experimental drug that will turn the victims into the undead who craze warm flesh and blood. As the first of the townsfolk start to turn and begin to tear apart the neighbors limb from limb and feast on whatever entrails they can get their hands on, four partying friends come into town with the purpose of dropping of some eviction paperwork before continuing to a party. But these would-be sex-crazed partygoers learn they've chosen the wrong day to unexpected drop in, and if they don't act fast could be the entree on the menu of the slack-jawed, inbred, unclean undead!

Zombie movies. It doesn't take much to make them (a few friends that can stumble around and some red food coloring), but it does take a lot of creativity and talent to make one stand out from the glut of never ending gutmunchers that pour out every year. Micro-budget director and writer B. Luciano Barsuglia is just one of the latest hoping to tap into the splatstick ether of Jackson and Raimi, and does not even come close to reaching the upper echelons that these two directors command. Barsuglia has a decent rough idea for his zombie "origin" that could have been fleshed out into a quirky comedy, but falls flat on just about every conceivable technical and creative element.

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