Friday, January 25, 2008

1/25 News Bites - TOKYO GORE POLICE Stills, DONKEY PUNCH Poster, wAz Trailer & More

TOKYO GORE POLICE! FX creator for MACHINE GIRL and MEATBALL MACHINE Yoshihiro Nishimura takes his first stab at directing with this truly bizarre tale of a police squad that is created to destroy a group of human muatations that have sprung up. Eihi Shiina (AUDITION) stars as the main lead who brandishes a sword wherever she goes.

Poster for the upcoming Olly Blackburn film DONKEY PUNCH

- Dr. Royce Clemens gets a stay of movie reviewing execution as Dimension Films moves the redux/remake of HELLRAISER from 9/5/08 into the release date abyss of "TBD".

Trailer for the torture porn nu horror thriller wAz which comes out of nowhere February 22nd.


dASH said...

LMAO @ DONKEY PUNCH title... LOL... dear lord... i must see these wonderfully horrible films!

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