Monday, December 10, 2007



While the broadcast was released on CD posthumously at the tail end of 1994, there has never been an official release of the episode. That is, until now. Almost fourteen years to the day of the original recording, Geffen Records is finally giving the fans what they need, and boy have they done it right! It is no secret that what fans saw on television was about two-thirds of the full recording, with two songs truncated from the set list and almost all of the down time between songs removed. Even the CD release, which included the missing songs "Something In The Way" and the third song that Nirvana played with The Meat Puppets "Oh Me," is still missing almost thirteen minutes of the chatter and tuning in between the songs.

The complete concert, which includes all fourteen songs and clocking in at 67 minutes, is the entire performance from the first tuning to band's exit from stage. All the banter between Nirvana amongst themselves and between Kurt Cobain and the audience is finally available for us all to witness. The picture is crystal clear and the sound has been arranged in a surround mix to get the most out of your home theatre. It is almost a perfect replication of what it must have been like to be sitting in that sound stage on that historic day. What was just hinted at in the original broadcast, and slightly expanded on with the audio CD, is a band completely relaxed and having a lot of fun, both with themselves and somewhat at the expense of the audience. This version of the concert has no credits, no song names at the beginning of each song, and no fade-to-black cuts for commercials, it is simply a beautiful recording of an enchanting performance.

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