Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12/18 News Bites - New Posters, CLOVERFIELD Insight, and CGI RESIDENT EVIL

- The insane Japanese flick PARTY 7, which co-stars Tadanobu Asano, comes to the US via Synapse Films on April 29th. Mark your calendar.

- CLOVERFIELD director Matt Reeves had this to say while speaking to IGN "But in this movie, you do see a lot. At the end of the day, it still has that huge scale, it's just that it's shot from this point of view. So you're going to see the monster, you're going to see huge-scale destruction, you're going to see a lot of crazy stuff!" Sounds good to me! One month and counting...

Two remakes, two posters, two more inquires as to WHY?!

Is black and white the new big-fucking-face shot?

The first trailer for the all CGI RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION movie

Finally, teaser posters for MY NAME IS BRUCE have been released!


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