Saturday, November 3, 2007

THE MURDER GAME Movie and DVD Review


Eight high school friends have a game that they like to play, which is a modified game of hide and seek, where a secret killer tries to murder all the other players before being discovered. When they aren't allowed to play in their houses anymore, they sneak into a self-storage facility before it closes, with the intention of playing all night once they are locked in.

At first, the new environment provides some extras chills and thrills for the group, but when someone in the building starts playing the game for real, the group begins to pick sides and point fingers at whose to blame. Is it the homeless man they find living in one of the storage units? Collin, the troubled goth that has just joined the group? Or someone else that has yet to emerge from the shadows? The clock is ticking until the doors unlock again, but will anyone be left alive to try and escape?

Find out if this "game" is worth playing at!


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