Saturday, September 29, 2007

THE CREEK Movie Review

THE CREEK (2007)

Five years after the death of their friend Billy, six friends return the cabin the woods where he died after his ghost appears before each of them. The six have not all been together since the night Billy died, and their bitter-sweet reunion brings up memories of both the best and worst of times. As the group begins drinking, and trying to figure out just what Billy wants with them after five years, suspicions arise as to whether the death was an accident as the police say, or something more sinister. The evening progresses with heated arguments and unexpected revelations of the past, but when one of them is murdered, the surviving five must try and put their differences aside to figure out just what is happening deep within the isolated woods.

THE CREEK is the brainchild from Erik Soulliard, whose makes his directorial and writing debut here, and also provides the almost one-man production and post-production team for the ultra low-budget film. This may be one of the best movies filmed in someone's backyard to come out in quite some time, and this is largely responsible for Soulliard's extremely professional stance he has taken in bringing the movie together. Though the budget limitations are visible throughout, the fairly engaging ghost story and the enthusiasm that can be felt through the film easy outweighs the videotape transfer and sometimes distorted sound. [Read The Rest Of My Review at]


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