Sunday, August 26, 2007

Indie Comic Book Round-Up 8/26

Mr. Puffinopolus #2
Satan’s right-hand man sends evil teddy bear Mr. Puffinopolus to a new owner.

American Terror - The Confession Of A Human Smart Bomb #1
From the eye-catching and button-pushing title, to the story and the art, and the right-out-of-the-gate speeding bullet pace, Alterna Comics may just have the best comic on their hands that they’ve published to date.

Return Of The Super Pimps

Pouring out of the mind of Richard Hamilton, whose childhood was filled with the constantly spinning records of Kool And The Gang, the cinematic badness of Shaft, and Stan Lee’s multitude of comics, comes this glorious blaX-Men-ploitation!

The Evil Inside #2
Issue 2 of this six-issue miniseries of horror-influenced “gotcha!” short stories.


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