Thursday, August 30, 2007

ALONE Review - Horror From Thailand

ALONE (2007)

When Pim's mother falls fatally ill, she is forced to return to Thailand from Korea to oversee her care. Along with her is her Thai boyfriend Wee. Pim (Masha Wattanapanich), who is the sole survivor of conjoined twins, is thrown face first into her old life as both painful and beautiful memories resurface when she and Wee move into her old house. In Pim's old room, her and her sister Ploy's clothes still hang, each set lovingly hand-sewed together by their mother.

But Pim's return brings back not just distant memories, but it seems as if Ploy's spirit has also returned to seek revenge against Pim. But Pim is the only one who has seen the face of Ploy in mirrors and reflections, and Wee believes that it is merely stress which are bringing upon these hallucinations. Pim visits Wee's psychologist friend, who comes to the same conclusion as Wee, but with Pim's visions become more frequent and more violent, she is utterly convinced that Ploy is after her. Has Ploy truly returned from the dead, or is Pim merely falling down a spiral staircase of madness? [Read My Full Review at Geeks Of Doom]


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