Saturday, October 9, 2010

How to Make Solar-Powered Jack-O-Lanterns - 22 Days till Halloween

October brings out the mad scientist in us all, as we cobble together costumes, figure out how to make things go bump in the night on a budget, and genetically engineer monsters using bugs, slugs, and toxic ocean water from the Jersey shore.

Your humble blogger is no different, and for this post I wanted to walk you through my first attempt at making some solar-powered jack-o-lanterns for about $5 each.

For this project you will need:
  • a plastic jack-o-lantern bucket (available anywhere for about a $1)
  • a solar powered walkway light (I picked up some at Target for $3 each)
  • crazy glue
  • a drill with the biggest drill bit you've got (for comedic effect)
  • sharpie marker
  • very sharp scissors
  • a skull (for atmosphere)

Take the top off the solar-powered light from the post. This is the only part you'll need for this project. Using the sharpie, draw a circle around the light at the back top center of the jack-o-lantern bucket.

Cut the circle out of the back of the bucket. Next, using your drill drill a few holes through the bottom of the bucket. This is to allow any collected rain water to pour out.

Take the solar-powered light an position it in the back of the jack-o-lantern bucket. Using an ample amount of crazy glue, glue the light directly to the bucket.

Let the glue thoroughly dry. Then hang your pumpkins out in directly sunlight for a few hours. I've used my shepherd's poles on my deck. Now, just wait until nightfall...

22 days till Halloween...


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