Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Fear, EVIL DEAD Remake Still Possibility

For those of you who may have wondered if you'd ever see a remake of THE EVIL DEAD, or thought that the project was dead by dawn, fear not for the brothers Raimi and Bruce Campbell are still thinking about it.

In a recent interview Bruce had this to say:
"None of us have said no," [Bruce Campbell] said. "I think Sam is always tweaking with the idea. He's joked with a couple of concepts. He has threatened to do it multiple times. He'll put a false statement out just to torment people. We joke that when he's got one eye left and I'm in the old actors' home, that's when we'll do it. But we both have day jobs now.

"The 'Evil Dead' movies, you really have to lock up about two years of your life for each 'Evil Dead' movie and we don't really have the time right now. Sam says that he will gladly get back on that track, but right now he's on that A-picture train and he's getting a lot more creative freedoms afforded to him with his success. I don't know that he needs to right now. And I'm kinda busy with the No. 1 show on cable. I don't think about it a lot because I'm busy doing other stuff."
So there you have it. Sure this is pretty much non-news as Bruce and Sam have been "threatening" an EVIL DEAD remake for the better part of the decade. Whether it ever happens or not though is anyone's guess.


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