Saturday, June 28, 2008

THE EYE (2008) Movie Review

THE EYE (2008)

Sydney Wells, who has been blind since the age of five, is now an accomplished violinist and living a life of independence in Los Angeles. At the behest of her sister, Sydney agrees to undergo a cornea transplant which will restore her sight. With the surgery a success, Sydney begins to adapt to using her newly restored sense with the help of Dr. Paul Faulkner and his tough-love approach to therapy. But Sydney’s return the world of the seeing is not without its problems, as Sydney begins to have visions of people and places she swears are not real.

Although Paul is adamant that what she is going through is absolutely normal, and that what she is seeing is simply her new eyes trying process the information, Sydney is equally adamant that what she is seeing are the ghosts of the recently deceased and the black-garbed shadows that guide these ghosts to the spirit world. Sydney becomes obsessed with finding out who her eyes originally belonged to, and as her visions become more real and more frequent, she sets off with Paul into Mexico and discovers that the local residents of the donor’s town called her Bruja, which is Spanish for witch!

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