Monday, May 12, 2008

SICK NURSES Movie Review


In a rundown hospital that never seems to have any patients, Dr. Taa and his harem of sexy nurses sell dead bodies on the black market to make extra money. But when one of the nurses Tahwaan, who was supposed to marry Dr. Taa, becomes jealous after he decides to marry another nurse, she threatens to go to the police. For her disobedience, she is murdered by the rest of the nurses and put on ice to become the next body sold.

But on the seventh day after her murder, Tahwaan returns in the form of a vengeful spirit with her sights set on killing the nurses. Taking a play out of John Doe’s handbook, Tahwaan begins using each nurse’s particular vice to dispatch them in bloody and torturous ways. As the hospital’s black and white tiled floors are stained red, the ever dwindling survivors believe that they only have to survive until midnight which is when Tahwaan will lose her spirit form. But Tahwaan has a particular trick up her sleeve to ensure that the clock never reaches 12:01!

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