Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ALIEN AGENT Movie Review


A dying alien race has been searching for a new planet to inhabit so that they may live. Their sights have been set on Earth, a perfect environment for their species to continue to thrive. Under the guidance of the conquest-hungry Saylon, his rogue military team has infiltrated the masses of Earth, and have begun building a wormhole with stolen technology that will bridge his planet to Earth so that his troops may conquer the planet and his species will have a new place to call home.

But there is a small group from Saylon’s planet that do not want to vanquish the inhabitants of Earth, and they have sent Guild Warrior Rykker (Mark Dacascos) to stop Saylon’s plans. Armed with a sawed-off shotgun and rounds powerful enough to kill his kind as well as a brutal array of hand-to-hand combat techniques, Rykker is the only one capable of stopping the insidious plan! And with a little help from a local teen who has become smitten with Rykker, he might just get lucky enough to destroy the wormhole and defeat Saylon’s army of mercenaries and assassins before it is too late.

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