Thursday, March 27, 2008

3/27 NEWS BITES - TEETH on DVD, ONECHANBARA Teaser, No Monsters Attack, & More

- "We’re kind of just concentrating on the TV show. Movies are hard…and I don’t want to do ’em any more. If you’re gonna do a movie, you’d better be damn sure you want to do that movie, because it’s gonna suck to make," Trey Parker said to The Onion. And with that, pretty much all hope for GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK JAPAN! has just been buried under Mt. Fuji.

Mitchell Lichtenstein’s TEETH will bite into the DVD market on May 6th. Confirmed features include:
- Audio commentary by writer/director Lichtenstein
- Deleted scenes with Lichtenstein’s optional commentary
- The Making of TEETH featurette
- Sundance Film Festival interview featurette
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- Shooting hasn't even begun on THE DESCENT 2 (you'll get no SE7EN-style writing out of me) and already we can expect a third. This is due to a casting call still out for the role of Deputy Ellen Rios, with the actress chosen receiving a two picture deal.

- Legend Films will be releasing a slew of classic cult favorites from the Paramount vaults, including STUDENT BODIES, THE DEADLY BEES, JEKYLL & HYDE: TOGETHER AGAIN, THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH, PHASE IV, THE POSSESSION OF JOEL DELANEY, THE SENDER, THE SKULL and Z.P.G.: ZERO POPULATION GROWTH. Expect these to start creeping into general release between June and July.

The first teaser trailer for the video game adapted ONECHANBARA. Japanese girls in bikinis and cowboy hats with swords fighting zombies. This has "Oscar" written all over it!


kindertrauma said...

Ryan, you just made my day. I was happy enough with STUDENT BODIES but THE SENDER?????!!!! That's one of my all time favorites!

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