Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Naive mainlander Kong, who is currently in Hong Kong making some extra money as a Peking Opera actor, is offered a lucrative deal by the local triad to fight in an illegal martial arts competition. Although Kong resists at first, he takes the opportunity after being convinced by Tin, one of his fellow performers that he secretly has a crush on. His first fight is a one-kick success, and he soon becomes indoctrinated into the gang, in the process making friends with one of the younger underlings, Captain, whose goofy persona is more than meets the eye.

With each successful bout, Kong gains more recognition as he defeats the tougher combatants in Hong Kong, while his new boss falls under the scrutinizing watch of a rival gangster who also deals in gambling and underground fights. These two triad bosses start exponentially increasing their wages in the fights, with Kong caught in the middle and unaware of just how deep he has gotten himself. He soon learns just how far down he's gone though, when he becomes one of six martial artists in a three-on-three "Street Fighter rules" competition that could very well end his life!

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